Welcome to LIFE

LIFE is new layer and free-standing platform DeFi platform on the Fantom network which is part of the FATFIRE family. Earn yield from your tokens and LP tokens by staking and earning LIFE tokens on the Fantom Network with zero-low deposit fees.
This project is for the community to stake and make money. With all our projects, we stake and earn like everyone else and the low fees go towards burns, development and hosting costs.
We've additionally opted to have lower deposit fees as we want you to feel confident that you will not be losing money and to gain goodwill for our FATFIRE family of projects.
We called it FATFIRE after the concept of Financial Independence/Retire Early. In the FIRE community, FIRE is all about saving and growing your income on your way to financial independence. FATFIRE is when your net worth has officially reached the level where you are truly not just financially free, but financially independent.

Wealth Building

With the FATFIRE DeFi platform and its subsidiary projects like THE DON Finance and LIFE, we want to enable you to earn higher yields so that you continue to build wealth on a safe platform with no risk of rugging. To secure our platform:
  • Liquidity is locked
  • We use an audited code base
  • The Masterchef contract is owned by a Timelock contract which allows for 100% transparency in any proposed changes (if any)
  • All our contracts are verified and transparent.
We've based the LIFE token on a buyback and burn mechanism introduced by Goose Finance, with additional auto-liquidity and auto-burn features.

How can you earn yield?

By staking your tokens, you automatically earn LIFE token rewards. You can re-stake the rewards to earn more rewards or convert your tokens to any other cryptocurrency you want.
With all of our layer projects, you will be able to cross stake into a new layer. So if you have FATFIRE tokens, you can stake it into LIFE to earn LIFE tokens.
With LIFE, you will be able to continue to earn rewards from FATFIRE and THEDON tokens.
Take part in the FATFIRE way of life by promoting the projects on your social media and get more people involved in DeFi!
Last modified 8mo ago