Token Lockup

In order to support the LIFE token and future NFT pools, the majority of the Initial Mint of tokens is locked. The allocation is locked for a period of 4 months. In this period these tokens cannot be accessed, transacted or traded. This lockup is used as a preventive strategy to maintain a stable long-term value of the LIFE token and for future rewards for the NFT staking pools which are currently in development.
Once the lockup period expires, the tokens will be used for an additional 10% burn event, and our future NFT staking pool to be launched by July 2022.


Earn LIFE from Farms and Pools, or buy it on the Spookyswap exchange, then explore its use cases:
  • Stake it in LIFE Pools to earn tokens
  • Use it in Yield Farms to earn more LIFE
  • Use it to get benefits in the vault
  • Burn it to get NFTs (upcoming)
  • Vote on proposals (upcoming)


Set slippage to 2%
Last modified 10mo ago