NFT Roadmap

Coming Soon

Coming Soon. Tentative roadmap:

Founders Token

What is a Founders Token?
The Fatfire Founders Token (FFFT) is the first Fatfire NFT which will be awarded to the top 20 holders of any of our projects' tokens, early adopters, community members, volunteers, in giveaways and the team. The whitelist time will be announced before launch.
We will also have additional ones to be minted by anyone on a first come first serve basis.
What do Founders Tokens do?
Fatfire Founders Tokens at launch will give holders access to a private telegram group chat where they can receive super early information on all FATFIRE future launches. FFFT's can be staked into special pools for extra rewards! Holding a FFFT provides users with exclusive access to contests, airdrops, and more!
Will you be able to buy and sell them after distribution?
The answer is YES! You can sell and buy your NFT's on Paintswap, but remember, selling your token relinquishes your ability to use its features anymore; including the private group chat.


Total Minted: TBC NFTs
Staking Pool Rewards: TBC $LIFE
Duration: TBC

Series #0 - Fatfire Cats NFTs

Series 0 is a live, test mint to which will be run prior to the full launch of the Fatfire Cats NFT collection. The Series #0 NFTs will allow you to burn any of our project tokens to get an NFT which you can then stake to earn more $LIFE rewards.
Total Planned Mint: TBA
Staking Pool Rewards: TBA $LIFE
Duration: TBA
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